"Fucking great mix of djent, aggression and nu-metal with a bit of electroclash"

- Leonid Astrolaf


Don't Press Any Key. Use CTRL [EP]


Post-Hardcore / Electronica / Nu-Metal

Ложь [Single]


Djent / Post-Hardcore / Experimental

Lust Hit [Single]


Nu-Metal / Rock'n'Roll

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Review: "One between millions"


Review on Ложь [Single] from Spanish Metal / Hardcore portal "Atasque"

Collab: Nicolas Martinez


We've made a collab on the holidays :)

Cover: Момент истины


We helped ex-singer Paul to become a step closer to his dream


Bar "Lentjaj"


ulitsa Malaya Pochtovaya, 2/2, Moskva, Russia

Best cafe


ulitsa Malaya Pochtovaya, 2/2, Moskva, Russia

MU CIM "Jentuziast"


ulitsa Molodezhnaya, 9, Podol'sk, Moskovskaya oblast', Russia

Short Bio

A great mix of djent, nu-metal and a bit of electroclash.

The band was formed in September 2011 by four singers: Alex, Paul, Anton and Eugenia.

They use dubstep-like melodies and jew’s harp in their first trancecore demo-EP “Don’t Press Any Key. Use CTRL” that was released in January 2012. In June 2012, they released alternative-styled demo single “After Midnight”, and then Anton and Paul left the band.

Early Autumn, ctrlBrain released an ost online fighting game on social media. Later, in October 2012 they recorded an English version cover song “13 Wünsche” of the We Butter the Bread With Butter band, to continue searching for “their own” style.

In November 2012 ctrlBrain released their single “Lust Hit” as a mix of nu-metal and rock and roll. In January 2013 they released the their single “Ложь” with a mix of djent, nu-metal and electroclash, in which they continue to work on new material from this point to the pesent day.